How to Use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Effectively

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from Microsoft provides an appropriate graphical user interface for connecting with another computer over a secure network connection. Every user of this proprietary protocol must employ the RDP client software for this connection and ensure that the other computer runs on the RDP server software. RDP servers are designed into Windows OS and you can find also OS X and Unix RDP for sale at this time. Clients exist for almost every version of the Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Unix, Linux and other operating systems.

Know about the basics of the RDP

Users of the Windows computer can connect with the other Windows computer in the same network through the remote desktop connection. They have to turn on their computer and ensure that their computer is connected with Internet and you need to check the remote desktop is enabled or not. They also have network access to the remote computer they wish to connect with and get permission to connect. They have to be on the list of users approved to access the remote computer. This is worthwhile to look up the name of the remote computer you wish to connect and ensure that remote desktop connection is allowed before starting such a connection.

You can right-click on the desktop of your computer and click Properties. Now, you have to access remote settings section.  You require providing the administration password or confirmation. You have to choose one of the three options available. A user account of an administrator of the computer is automatically added to the list of all remote users. You have to click Add option in the user’s settings. In the option of Single or Groups dialog box, you require the following things.

  • Identify the search location by accessing Locations and choose the location you wish to search.
  • Type of the name of the user you wish to add and then to select the option. Press OK to complete this process.
  • The name is displayed in the list of all users in the remote desktop users dialog box. You have to click OK to end this process.   

Do not forget that you cannot connect to a computer in the asleep or hibernating enabled option. You have to make certain that your remote computer is not set to asleep or hibernation.

The best functions of the RDP

An advanced remote desktop protocol is very helpful to enhance the data transfer as secure as possible. This protocol also facilitates an encryption between a virtual network server, client users and devices. Remote users can use this protocol to add a graphical user interface to the desktop any computer in a network. Remote desktop protocol is compatible with several local area network protocols as well as topologies based on the ITU-T 120 protocol set. This protocol supports up to 64000 data channels with provision for the multipoint transmission. This protocol also supports the data encryption associated with the mouse and user keyboard. Users of this protocol reap benefits from the port, file, printer and audio redirection.